Taste the difference

What happens when Cuban seeds are nurtured in Nicaraguan soil?

Aganorsa Leaf FUMA Experience

Learn how Aganorsa Leaf develops its signature flavor and aroma by utilizing two seed varietals from two specific regions of Nicaragua.

Eduardo Fernandez discusses Aganorsa Leaf’s signature flavor

Eduardo Fernandez, owner and founder of Aganorsa Leaf, discusses his approach to ensuring our Leaf reaches optimal flavor and aroma.

Great People produce Great Leaf

Aganorsa Leaf achieves optimal flavor and aroma due to our team of Cuban and Nicaraguan Agronomists who guide the process from seed to ash. They are the reason our Leaf is our Strength.

Cuban Farmers

What happens when Cuban seeds are nurtured in Nicaraguan soil? When the finest Cuban farmers are able to invest the most precious resource on earth – time – to perfect their proven process. When all these stars in the cigar universe align, the result is Aganorsa Leaf: a flavor and aroma experience that simply can’t be duplicated anywhere on this planet.

Experience seminars

Want to learn how our cigars acquire their signature taste and aroma? Make sure to attend one of our Aganorsa Experience seminars, where our national sales manager Terence Reilly will guide you through a component tasting of the Cuban-seed, Nicaraguan tobaccos. You will learn how our seed varietals and terroir affect flavor and aroma as well as what characteristics they impart on the blend.

Explore the farm

“You have to control your destiny, you have to grow your own tobacco”

– Eduardo Fernandez, Owner of Aganorsa Leaf

Aganorsa Leaf

Aganorsa Tobacco Farms is one of Nicaragua’s largest tobacco growers. Aganorsa Leaf is grown by expert Cuban and Nicaraguan farmers using traditional Cuban processes from Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del Rio. Aganorsa Leaf is farmed on some of the most distinctively flavorful lands in the Northern growing regions of Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa.

Nicaraguan soil

All Aganorsa tobacco is fermented, cured and aged through very slow deliberate processes by our experienced Cuban technicians. The rich Northern Nicaraguan soil is meticulously worked by Cuban and Nicaraguan agronomists growing Cuban seed to create our unique and distinctive Aganorsa flavor profile.

See the factory

We pride ourselves in owning and operating the seed to ash tobacco process in its entirety.

The Smoking Experience

We value flavor above everything and we know how important a role construction and burn play in stimulating a flavorful smoking experience. Our factory in Nicaragua is constantly striving for perfection. We carry the distinction of being awarded Halfwheel’s “Best Factory” two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016. Out of 13,000 bales of tobacco we produce each year, we select only 1,500 bales of our top tier “AA” Aganorsa tobacco for our own factory production. Our notable clients include Illusione, Foundation, Viaje and Warped Cigars. These relationships are a testament to our high standards.

From seed to ash

We pride ourselves in owning and operating the seed to ash tobacco process in its entirety. We are confident that after a slow and traditional journey through over 300 hands, the premium tobacco found in your Aganorsa cigar will consistently provide you with a smoking experience unlike any other. Aganorsa Leaf maintains excellence – from seed to ash – and assures excellent product quality every time throughout all of our brands.