JFR Lunatic – Torch

The Lunatic torch is a rare brush foot cigar.  On a brush foot, the wrapper is removed from the first half inch of the cigar, allowing you to smoke the fillers and binder which wake up your palate with a burst of spice before settling down for a more rounded blend once you reach the wrapper. A cigar for those who think different and enjoy understanding how the wrapper influences the blend. Smoke one when you have the time to sit back and appreciate the importance of blending the right tobaccos to create an optimal experience. You’d be crazy not to.

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Blend Summary

Capa Aganorsa Corojo, Nicaragua
Banda y Capote Aganorsa, Nicaragua
Tripa Aganorsa, Nicaragua

Sizes Available (Boxes of 10)

Visionaries 6½ x 52
Dreamlands 6½ x 60
Mad Folk 4¾ x 70